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Shipping from China to the USA by Sea Explained

China sea freight is the movement of cargo from China to the US via container ship.

When opting to ship to the US via this method, the buyer has some flexibility to customize their shipment in order to meet their unique needs.

The primary consideration is the container load size,  and whether your shipment is “Less Than Container Load” (or LCL), or “Full Container Load” (or FCL).

FCL Shipping from China to the US
A “full container load” shipment is one that uses an entire container, and the cargo is not shared with other shippers.

FCL does not require that a container is filled to capacity, but rather, designates that the container space is not shared between multiple buyer’s shipments.

When the volume of a cargo load is around 15 cubic meters, or more, FCL can be considered, and the cost can be compared to the costs of an LCL shipment.

Because FCL shipments only contain a single consignee’s cargo, there is greater flexibility as to how the products are loaded into the container.

In most instances, when buyers are purchasing products from Chinese suppliers, the container will be trucked to the supplier’s warehouse and the cargo will be loaded onsite.

In the event a buyer wishes to consolidate multiple products, they have the option to have all the products shipped to a centralized warehouse and then load the goods into the container, or they could request that a single supplier collect all cargo and load the container at their warehouse.

FCL can also be shipped directly to a buyer’s warehouse, once it arrives in the United States, or shipped to a warehouse first, before it is deconsolidated.

When using FCL, it’s best to work with a China Freight Forwarder who has experience moving freight from Chinese factories to the United States.

Specialized forwarding companies, like Niuku Shipping, can provide the following benefits:

Pass along high-volume rates
Organize the collection of cargo and communicate directly with your supplier
Identify any potentially missing documentation or compliance requirements needed to both import and export the cargo
Customize the shipping process to meet each shipment’s needs. Additional services allow for quality inspections, repackaging, relabeling, consolidation, deconsolidation, and warehousing.
Managing the customs brokerage process
Deliver the cargo anywhere in the United States, regardless of whether it is a warehouse, Amazon fulfillment center, business address, or even residential address.
Niuku Shipping
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